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Natural Gas Piping Infrastructure

  • Determining the Solution

    We will meet with on site to review the plans for your project and determine what is required to install the propane or natural gas infrastructure. Our team will review the capacity of the existing infrastructure and plans for appliances and uses, recommending solutions that will realize your vision. This includes recommendations for appliances, as well as piping infrastructure sizing. We will highlight any modifications that may be required to remain within code, and ensue the safe operation of your appliances. The findings will be detailed in a written report that includes our recommendations.  See some of our completed projects here.

  • Natural Gas Utility Coordination

    Determining the status of existing natural gas utility infrastructure that connects the building to the mains can be time consuming. This is especially true of projects that require relocation of your gas service or meter, or for locations that have gone unoccupied for a period of time. D&S can engage the utility with the information about the project to ensure the appropriate capacity from the utility, coordinate installation of the infrastructure, location of the meter, and ultimately tie in to the gas piping at the building. Realizing the timeline on these efforts is key to project success. D&S will be the liaison with the utility for your project to keep on track.

  • Permitting

    D&S has licensed Gas Fitters as key members of its staff. Reviewing installations to provide guidance on the need for permits, and the installation compliance with permits is a key strength of our team. We are able to obtain permits and provide staff on site for all stages of propane and natural gas inspections to help the process move smoothly and in compliance.

  • Installation

    Our staff of licensed Journeyman and Master gas fitters are available to install the gas house-line piping for all your appliance needs. The staff is also qualified by the manufacturer to install specialty piping such as corrugated stainless steel which is excellent for complicated installations or high capacity appliances such as instant water heaters or fireplaces. The result will be appropriate piping stubs, with regulators.